Eyropro Handlebar - 400mm Flared Bar Project

Eyropro Handlebar - 400mm Flared Bar Project

Eyropro Handlebars

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Designing and 3D printing of this slightly flared 400mm road/gravel bar is underway. Featuring the Eyropro top bar design for improved control, aerodynamics and ergonomics. The 4 degree flare permits better control in the drops with a narrow bar whilst cornering and sprinting. 


If you would like to secure a first run batch of this unique bar then you can purchase now at the much reduced price of AUD$300. You'll receive your bar once the design is finalized following the engineer's report and inspection of the prototype is complete and the first batch run completed along with quality control inspection. This takes around 9 months to complete.

Stage 1 - Design 3D CAD   Completed June 2021

Stage 2 - 3D print - October 2021 '- Change to lower cable holes.

Another change to cable holes plus slight increase in reach to 87 mm. This improves cable entry.

Due to design delays we are behind schedule but will endeavour to catch up where possible. 

Stage 2 - 3D print April 2022

Stage 3 - Engineer's report -  Due date - January 2022

Stage 4 - Finalise design - Due date - January 2022

Stage 5 - Tooling production (6 to 12 weeks) - depends on demand on R&D team
Due - April 2022.

Stage 6 - Prototypes and inspection, decals (3 to 6 months) - depends on demand on factory at the time. Due - July 2022.

Stage 7 - First batch run (3 months) - depends on demands. Due - October 2022 

Offer is limited to the first 20 customers. Use code word FLARED400 at the checkout to secure your 400 mm flared bar.

*Offer ends June 30 2022. 

Dimensions centre to centre:
400 mm width
420 mm drop width at ends of bar (4° flare)
87 mm reach
114 mm drops
31.8 mm centre diametre
Di2 compatible
Internal cable holes

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