Advantages of the Eyropro Handlebar for Road Cycling

Developing of the Eyropro Handlebar

The Eyropro handlebar was developed in 1999 by myself after many kilometres spent in the saddle. Riding and racing in the 90's I often thought about the design of the top tube. As most know a straight bar is not designed to be held, rather it connects the drops via the hooks. Not much else. When gripped the top tube forces a rider's arms out. So I invented the new design. Unfortunately carbon fibre was primitive in the early 21 century and could not find anyone to made a strong prototype. And, aluminum wouldn't work either due to the tight radius and closeness of bends. So I bedded the idea.


Photo above: Early carbon fibre prototype 2000

Since then the Eyropro handlebar has undergone significant changes to bring it up to date. In 2016 I found a carbon fibre company to work with who had experience making bicycle parts for road racing. The Eyropro handlebar was reborn. 

Why the Eyropro handlebar was developed.

The commonly used traditionally shaped road handlebar has a straight top tube design. When gripped a rider's arms are splayed outwards away from the body. This has the disadvantage of increasing wind drag. To counter this a rider can force their elbows in but then this puts pressure on the wrist joints. Over time this can lead to soreness and/or injury of the shoulders and/or wrists.


Above: YouTube video promotion showcasing the Eyropro advantages.

Another way to counter this splaying of the elbows and reduce wind drag requires you to place your thumbs over the top tube. This helps align the wrist and forearm but has the disadvantage of reducing your control over the bike due to not having full grip.

Summary of disadvantages of the traditional top tube:

  1. When gripped elbows are splayed outwards away from the rider's body increasing wind resistance;
  2. To bring elbows in pressure is increased on the wrist joints, leading to soreness and possible injury over time; and
  3. Placing hands loosely over the bars decreases rider safety and bike control.

The Eyropro Handlebar

The Eyropro handlebar was developed to address the disadvantages of the traditional shaped top tube. After many kilometres in the saddle and after extensive testing the ideal top tube design was found to include a forward and upwards positioning of the top tube bar at approximately 15 degrees.

These angles provide the most optimal gripping position for the top tube. When gripped a rider's arms are naturally aligned and tucked in towards the body. Wind resistance is reduced without the need to force your arm's in and safety is improved as a rider can grip the top tube without loosing grip of the bar. The shoulder and wrist positions are improved and the risk of injury/soreness is reduced significantly. Research has demonstrated that the largest gains in watt savings are achieved through reducing the size of the rider's silhouette and the Eyropro handlebar provides the best top bar to achieve this.

Summary of Eyropro handlebar advantages

  1. When gripped elbows are naturally tucked in, reducing wind drag;
  2. Wrist and forearm alignment is improved, reducing the possible soreness and injury associated with extended cycling; and
  3. Rider safety is improved due to complete grip of bars and improved control.

Above: YouTube video demonstrating Eyropro handlebar features


Current users are saying the Eyropro handlebar offers a more comfortable top tube than the traditional straight bar. It makes sense to have a bar that is designed to the anatomy of the body and hand grip position. The Eyropro bar makes climbing and breathing easier. Shoulder, wrist, hand numbness and soreness are reduced or completely resolved using the Eyropro bar. To good to be true? Only one way to know. Try yourself risk free  with our 90 day money back guarantee and 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Eyropro is currently in the USA, Spain and the United Kingdom undergoing rigorous on and off road testing.


Photo above: Clinton Sumner, Alicante, Spain



The Eyropro handlebar has been designed to meet the rigors of cycle racing. Made with T700 unidirectional carbon fibre. Our manufacturer in Taiwan has worked closely with us to ensure you have a safe strong handlebar.

Testing of the Eyropro by rider's has proven it's design works with rider's commenting on the comfort an Eyropro handlebar provides. Aside from its unique patented design an Eyropro is designed to provide a superb drop position at 125mm and the ideal reach position at 85mm for our current 420 mm model.

Made to fit most road bikes the Eyropro handlebar features a 31.8mm centre. Another feature includes internal cable routing. Light weight the Eyropro weighs in at around 200 grams for the 420 mm model.

Comes with a 2 year warranty and 90 day money back guarantee.

 Above: YouTube video highlighting features and demonstrating strength of Eyropro handlebar




 Next Up - Expansion in to Gravel and more...




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