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Eyropro Handlebars

Eyropro Pty. Ltd. was formed in 2017 following successful testing and early reviews of the Eyropro handlebar.

Based In Adelaide, South Australia, Eyropro Handlebars has partnered with a very good Taiwanese company in order to bring you a high quality handlebar capable of being used on road bicycles and withstanding the high demands of racing.



This company has worked closely with the designer to bring you a handlebar that is strong, flexible and yet light weight. The Eyropro handlebar size 42 (centre to centre) weighs a mere 200 grams, is UCI legal and made to be used under race conditions.



Your Eyropro handlebar has been designed out of many hours of cycling and testing in order to provide the most optimum position for you the rider. Both professional and amateur riders alike have provided feedback during the design process in order to make sure you receive the best handlebar on the market.



Current Model and Future Developments

Eyropro handlebars are currently available in size 42 cm width.

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Design patents in the European Union and United States

 The Eyropro handlebar design is a registered design in the European Union and patent pending in the United States. Any infringements on this design will be be investigated.

Registered Community Design No. 003796879-0001

U.S Issued (2 April, 2019) Patent  #844,513


Size 40 cm coming in July 2020. With a 38 cm handlebar later this year. 

With the popularity of the Eyropro handlebar growing we are working hard to bring you other size bars in July or August 2020. So, if the current model is not suitable just leave your email details to receive the latest information on what's happening at Eyropro.