What Our Customers ARE saying about eyropro bars

Super comfortable bar. The hoods and drops are definitely a feature I like...for any up and comers or average punters I would recommend the Eyropro handlebar.

Josh Harrison, SASI, Track Team

‘If this was designed, developed & marketed by one of the major players of the bike world... everybody would want one.’

Nat Bromhead, Bicycling Australia

Just had my first hit out with the new bars...they are the ducks nuts or what!!! Especially up the hills. Bloody stoked.

Wal, Victoria, Australia

With a straighter elbow my position is now more upright and (this) somehow made climbs a little easier. Plus they look great on the bike as well!

Alan Teo, Singapore

I have to say these handlebars are pretty amazing. I've just completed a charity ride from Alice Springs to Darwin with them. My shoulder didn't once have a twinge. It now feels great.

Shaun Gamble, Queensland

 I certainly would recommend them to anyone who asks. Thanks heaps for a well thought out product.

Greg Bland, Australia