Ergonomic Designed for Improved Positioning


 Keeping you riding longer and further.

Do you experience back, shoulder, elbow or wrist pain or numb fingers and hands from longer rides? Do you like a more upright riding position? Do you find your current bar doesn't offer you a comfy riding position?

If yes, then the Eyropro handlebar features may be what you are looking for. Featuring a unique top bar the Eyropro is designed to provide the most optimum gripping position. 

With a top bar angle of 10 degrees rise/forward the Eyropro handlebar feels natural to grip. Try it and you will see what you have been missing. A traditional handlebar shape when gripped on the tops forces a rider's elbows away from the body.  This creates wind drag and to keep your elbows in takes effort and extra energy. Whilst, gripping the Eyropro handlebar rotates your elbow inwards towards your body maintaining alignment of the arm joints and reducing wind drag.

 Photo: A tradition top bar forces the elbows away from the body.

Wrist pain is a common complaint as the straight top bar places your wrists at an angle to the elbows but using the Eyropro handlebar joints are aligned so the chance of this occurring is reduced. Providing two additional top bar positions you can move you hands around more and keep the blood flowing where it is needed.

Customers have reported how the bar feels, with some users saying that when using the Eyropro handlebar their shoulder, elbow and hand pains or numbness disappeared. Others have reported how the Eyropro handlebar improved their breathing.


 Video: Eyropro features explained


Ergonomic Design

The Eyropro handlebar top bar has been designed to match the position of a rider's arms when the elbows are tucked in. With its 10 degree forward rotation and 10 degree upward rotation the Eyropro handlebar top bar provides the most optimum alignment of a rider's arms reducing stress and subsequent pain and/or numbness.

Photo: Eyropro's unique top bar naturally aligns a riders arms reducing stress.

Eyropro handlebars have teamed up with Neill's Bikefit, Victoria, Australia. Neill Stanbury is a qualified physiotherapist with extensive experience in bio-mechanics. So if you are experiencing pain or just want to go faster - Neill is the man to see. 

Neill recommends the Eyropro handlebar for "...riders who sit upright alot and climb in the flat section of the bars significant portions of the time."


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