Reviews on the Eyropro


The Eyropro handlebar was reviewed by Nat Bromhead, Bicycling Australia Magazine in April 2017. Read what Nat has to say below.

Nat could have any bar in the world yet his choice is the Eyropro handlebar for its top bar comfort.


Napoleon Moore,LA, USA says this about the Eyropro bars:


Andrew Scwartz, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


BlackCatCycle Coaching - Tim Ramsden

Eyropro handlbars review! I am sometimes offered bits of kit/products to try out - this can be a double-edged sword, as sometimes the product doesn't live up to the marketing...however, the Eyropro handlebars were personally recommended to me by ultra-distance racer Clinton Summer, and that in itself is a big tick against "great product". I got the bars back in 2017....they have been long-term tested by Duane Bridger, a long term client who's focus is Gran Fondos and sportives. Duane has ticked off the 312, La Purito in Andorra, Milan San Remo....and a load of other events that require mileage in training. So...a light carbon bar that provides comfort for long events seemed to fit his profile! Here is what he says -
"Just a short note to say how much I like the bars - I have had them on my mile-eating bike and they are really comfortable! The position takes the strain off your wrists and triceps, when you are on the "tops" on seated climbs. It also seems to make your profile narrower at the front: I feel faster in this position, especially on false flats. As a cyclist who loves 100 mile plus rides and anything over 10 hours on a bike I would say that the bars to me seem as essential as a good, comfortable saddle!"
Duane has had these bars on for the best part of a I am very pleased to recommend them on the basis of this long term test!