Eyropro Road Bar 420 mm - Not Di2 compatible

Eyropro Road Bar 420 mm - Not Di2 compatible

Eyropro Handlebars

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The Eyropro 420 road bar is probably the most comfortable road bar available, With the unique ergonomic top bar design you are guaranteed a more enjoyable ride with improved hand and shoulder position. 


31.8mm centre diameter
87 mm reach
125 mm drops
(55 mm centre mount width)
Internal cable routing

 - 2 year manufacturers warranty*
- 90 day money back guarantee*

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Customer Reviews

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Jerem Collyer
Ergonomic handlebar

This handlebar is an absolute game changer for me, I have a disability and I find conventional handlebars very difficult to use. The hand position on the tops of the handlebars is absolutely perfect and comfortable. It works really well with internal routing of the brake cables. It also works very well with satellite shifters from an electronic group. Said very pleased with my purchase. Excellent customer service, I would really recommend doing business with this nice chap from Australia.

Jason K
So far, so good

I have only ridden 2-300km so far (longest just under 3h) and can say they have helped with my hands on the tops, hoods and drops. Still have some neck pain but this is likely due to a chronic postural issue but I can say the onset of this discomfort is delayed and the pain less intense than when using standard bars.

I do plan on getting another bar for my other bike, if I have no issues over the next few weeks, so that is probably the best indicator that these bars are quality and the design works.

Greg D
New Bars

Too late to do any difference with carpal tunnel issues I have. And still getting use to the difference in the height etc but feeling less issues about the shoulders. This weekend with a 145km ride I should have a much more to say. At the moment very pleased with them

Hi Greg thank you for the positive feed back. I am sure with time you will find the bars more and more comfortable. 145kms is a good test and I am happy they proved their value. My main goal is to keep people riding as the health benefits are enormous. Let me know who you feel in a few months time. Zidaz

I love these handlebars

I like to experiment with my bike fit pretty regularly, so I decided to give the Eyropro handlebars a try based on the glowing reviews mainly citing better comfort while riding on the tops. I absolutely love them. They make riding on the tops exponentially more enjoyable whether on the flats or climbing, as they've improved my ergonomic position and my sense of control. I also like how the tops combined with the classic C-shape of the drops look as a whole. They're my first set of carbon bars, and I find that they are excellent at reducing road vibrations and are significantly lighter than the aluminum bars that I had been using. The shape of the tops do force you to get a bit creative with how you mount lights and computers (not a bad problem to have), and there are plenty of options on the market to fulfill this need, some of which are listed on this site. I can't wait to see what iterations of the Eyropro Zidaz comes up with next.

Really does relieve median nerve compression

Been riding about 5000 miles/year for 40 years now. Recently cut back on work and increased my mileage to 150 miles/wk, which exacerbated bilateral finger numbness to the point I couldn't ride much. Adjusting my stem and old handlebars helped about 25%, the Eryopro bar has reduced the numbness after 120 miles of riding by about 95%. Took about 3 weeks for the bars to come over from Australia. It was easy to route the hydraulic lines through the bars. Significantly less expensive than an unnamed American company which appears to have blatantly copied the design (won't mention the company; see the Cycling Tips reviews for Eyropro) Hope you win in the courts!. I was skeptical about some of the claims, but I would be reluctant to ride without them now.

Hi Jim
Fantastic to hear the Eyropro handlebar has benefited you and is keeping you riding without so much discomfort. Yes, the Eyropro is a competitive price as we want more people to enjoy it's benefits. The Eyropro is the only patent protected top bar design featuring the ergo design. Anything matching our top bar design is just a copy. Not cool. I hope you continue to enjoy our bar's great design and health benefits.