Eyropro Handlebar

Eyropro Handlebar

Eyropro Handlebars

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The Bars You Always Needed.

I have been using these for 5 months. 3-4 time a week. Desert flats in Dubai, mountains of Spain, mixed terrain in Mallorca. Europe. Midwest USA.
I came across them on Instagram. The shape made sense. I gave them a shot.

Shipping to Dubai, no problem. Good contact and follow up with the company.

Lots to say:
- the tops put you in an ergonomic position for climbing. Easy on the wrists. Elbows in. Easy on the back. Better breathing.
- the reach to the hoods is the same as any other bar of equivalent reach/drop. Only the top bend is different.
- quality made in a reputable factory in Taiwan, with good quality control. The finish inside the bar is smooth, allowing for easy cable routing.
-Carbon. But not too stiff. There are stiffer carbon bars, but that’s not the point of these (IMO). Long haul comfort for a good day (s) in the saddle.
- I’m using a Zipp Speed SL stem and SRAM Red Etap levers. They set up like any other bar. Smooth transition from bars to lever. Use a torque wrench.

-only currently available in 42cc
- center, stem clamp section is narrow. A typical K-Edge computer mount (or similar) will not fit in the space. I use a stem face computer mount from F3 Cycling. Or, just keep using your stem-top mount.
-The bar’s top section shape makes mounting clip-on bars difficult, if not impossible.
- the drops only have one shape currently, a classic bend. A shallow bend type would be a welcome alternative.

Looking for a comfortable climbing position on the tops? These are the bars you need.
Eric Long
USA, in Dubai.
Mechanic, USA Cycling and USAC Foundation.

Great feedback James. You can find a head stem mounted TT bar by ControlTech.
I wish I'd found these years ago

I'm not an athlete even in my own imagination but I do love riding as hard and as long as I am capable. Sadly my back didn't get the memo from my brain that I'm really still 18 and my enjoyment waned as my aching back stole a lot of the pleasure especially on longer rides and touring. I tried a shorter stem, and inching my seat forward helped a teensy bit but with these bars I can honestly say it's lifted a shroud I didn't know was there. Like a cat in a sun-room I still need a good stretch now and then but 15 years have evaporated overnight. I can't pin down technically why, I just know I feel great riding again.

Sooo Comfortable

Stunning build quality and super light weight to compete with the best the world has to offer.
I have used generally aero and wing shaped bars in the past and always liked them, but was keen to try the Eyropro on a new build I was doing. I have to say they are incredibly comfortable especially when climbing (lets just say I am more built for speed). I have found the bars are super comfy when your on longer climbs and just allows to you to concentrate on rhythm rather than constantly changing hand positions to get comfortable. I also love the look of them and the shape. Just fantastic that something so good is designed in our own back yard of Australia. The bars are world class. Enough Said.

Anthony De Leo

Full Beam Australia

Most comfortable bars I have used

I was building my dream Ti bike and came across Eyropro bars. I thought anything that can help me up hills can't be a bad thing. The bars arrived and looked great. Fitted to to the bike and went for a ride. It took a couple of rides to become used to the unique angles of the bars. I found I was getting pressure points in my hands were I never noticed before. I modified the hand position to fit the bars and no more sore stiff neck,shoulders and hands. The bars are extremely stiff no discernible flex. Would I recommend these bars to anyone? Yes in a heartbeat. Once you adapt to the bars they are just the most comfortable bar I have ever ridden. Just like some one said if these were made by a mainstream bike manufacturer everyone would be on them. They are to my eye comfortable and the look great.

Comfy, Strong and Responsive

I have had the Eyropro bar fitted onto my CX bike for the last week and I must say they are really comfortable. Didn't take me long at all to get used to them, pretty much threw them into all my transitions from tarmac to trail through the woods across fields , even rode on the beach - all good. They are responsive and strong, which is always good as I like to feel my way through my offroad excursions. Nice and natural on the tops and the drops, these are definitely better than the standard bar they replaced, as a mountain biker learning CX I feel these will help and can recommend them heartily. Being comfortable riding is real important to me , esp if you going out on a long tab, not enough emphasis is put on bars in my opinion, If you are after a bar that is comfy , strong and responsive then you should have a go on these.