Eyropro Handlebar 420mm Road

Eyropro Handlebar 420mm Road

Eyropro Handlebars

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Best bars for ultra endurance

After 10 years I’ve been doing ultra endurance ride, like Paris-Brest-Paris 1200km or self supported TransIberica bike race 3640km
I first tested the Eyropro bars on a short 500km ride and it enough to realise that the bars were perfect designed to avoid pain on wrist, arms, shoulder or neck.
The last “transiberica” race I crashed around the km600, cranking rim and twisting both brake shifts, the bars survived after that impact dropping mountain at 60km/h
Thanks to that and the ergonomics of the bars no pain during the race I finished in 3rd position
If you looking for a tough and light bar that respects your body to impacts this is in my opinion the best bars you can mount on your bike.

Great bars

I have only had the chance to do a short ride with the new bars but I am very impressed. The bars were solid to the touch and fitted my hands better than the small diameter bars they replaced. They put the arms in a natural position when climbing, other positions were very comfortable as well. I will have another review once I have got some more k's into them. Quick impression was very positive.

Well Happy

I purchased my bars on Wednesday and they arrived on Thursday 1 day later. They were fitted that afternoon. I have the Park Tool Internal Cable Routing Kit IR-1.2, a definite bonus making threading the cables very simple. Friday had 2 test rides to check all was correct and set up for myself. The next day, Saturday was a 217k Audax ride with near on 3000M of ascent. I found the riding on the tops up hill and with a tailwind just so comfortable. My hands, wrists and forearms aligned in a more ergonomic way reducing any tension dramatically, making for a more comfortable ride. The only numbness felt was in my left hand where I’d had surgery a year ago, but this was only temporary. I also found riding on the hoods more pleasurable than on my standard bars. This position for myself is usually only used when riding in the standing position. In the drops was the same as with a standard set of bars. I’m usually only in the drops going down hill, so no real problem there. I thought the 42cm bars would be a problem as that was the largest size available. I normally opt for 44cm bars. Again no problem, they just worked and at no time did they feel to narrow or uncomfortable for me.

I think the only negative was fitting my Garmin Edge 1030 out front mount, there just isn’t enough room. I overcame this with a file, removing some of the material on the Edge mount. I now have a securely fitted mount and all is good.

Would I recommend them? You bet I would. They most definitely made my first long ride much more comfortable and I believe that as I adjust more and more to them they will feel even better. I can see myself ordering a second set for my other bike in the not to distant future.

Kendall Trembearth
Long distance cycling enthusiast

The Bars You Always Needed.

I have been using these for 5 months. 3-4 time a week. Desert flats in Dubai, mountains of Spain, mixed terrain in Mallorca. Europe. Midwest USA.
I came across them on Instagram. The shape made sense. I gave them a shot.

Shipping to Dubai, no problem. Good contact and follow up with the company.

Lots to say:
- the tops put you in an ergonomic position for climbing. Easy on the wrists. Elbows in. Easy on the back. Better breathing.
- the reach to the hoods is the same as any other bar of equivalent reach/drop. Only the top bend is different.
- quality made in a reputable factory in Taiwan, with good quality control. The finish inside the bar is smooth, allowing for easy cable routing.
-Carbon. But not too stiff. There are stiffer carbon bars, but that’s not the point of these (IMO). Long haul comfort for a good day (s) in the saddle.
- I’m using a Zipp Speed SL stem and SRAM Red Etap levers. They set up like any other bar. Smooth transition from bars to lever. Use a torque wrench.

-only currently available in 42cc
- center, stem clamp section is narrow. A typical K-Edge computer mount (or similar) will not fit in the space. I use a stem face computer mount from F3 Cycling. Or, just keep using your stem-top mount.
-The bar’s top section shape makes mounting clip-on bars difficult, if not impossible.
- the drops only have one shape currently, a classic bend. A shallow bend type would be a welcome alternative.

Looking for a comfortable climbing position on the tops? These are the bars you need.
Eric Long
USA, in Dubai.
Mechanic, USA Cycling and USAC Foundation.

Great feedback James. You can find a head stem mounted TT bar by ControlTech.
I wish I'd found these years ago

I'm not an athlete even in my own imagination but I do love riding as hard and as long as I am capable. Sadly my back didn't get the memo from my brain that I'm really still 18 and my enjoyment waned as my aching back stole a lot of the pleasure especially on longer rides and touring. I tried a shorter stem, and inching my seat forward helped a teensy bit but with these bars I can honestly say it's lifted a shroud I didn't know was there. Like a cat in a sun-room I still need a good stretch now and then but 15 years have evaporated overnight. I can't pin down technically why, I just know I feel great riding again.