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The Eyropro handlebar has undergone fatigue and drop testing procedures to ensure you receive a top quality safe, strong handlebar.

Eyropro handlebars exceed the ISO standards for testing road handlebars as we want to make sure you are satisfied with the result. This is why we can offer a 2 year manufacturers warranty when most others only offer 12 months.

Your Eyropro handlebar should last for years beyond the 2 years so if it breaks as no fault of your own please contact us.

What the Eyropro has been put through to make sure you are safe.

Fatigue Testing

The Eyropro handlebar undergoes fatigue testing including 100,000 cycles at 440 newtons and then 100,000 cycles at 308 newtons.

Impact Testing

The Eyropro handlebar undergoes impact testing with 8 kgs attached to each lever position and must pass the set standard.


Eyropro handlebars are made using  T700 unidirectional carbon fibre providing a strong yet light-weight handlebar.

Your Eyropro handlebar is made to endure the rigors of racing, touring and commuting.

Cable holes and internal routing provide a smooth finish and anti-slip material ensures your bar and brakes stay where they are meant to.



The Eyropro handlebar is compatible with disc brakes. Hydraulic brake line set ups do require emptying brake fluid and refitting. It is recommended this is performed by a bicycle mechanic.

*The 90 day money back guarantee gives you the chance to try out the bar with the confidence of returning for a full refund less any free postage and handling costs.

We know riders like to try out new products so we give you this chance to see if the Eyropro handlebar is right for you with our 90 day money back guarantee

Current models are Di2 compatible.


Mounts that are compatible with the Eyropro handlebar

There are many mounts that are compatible with the Eyropro handlebar. Full Beam Australia have a complete range of mounts that utilize the head stem.

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