Eyropro Handlebar 440mm Road

Eyropro Handlebar 440mm Road

Eyropro Handlebars

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Now in the USA

The Eyropro 440 road bar is now available and in stock for immediate delivery. 

*90 day money back guarantee.
*2 year manufacturers warranty



440mm width
85mm reach
125mm drops
31.8mm centre
70mm centre width
Di2 compatibility
2 year manufacturers warranty

Made with T700 unidirectional carbon fiber. Fully tested including impact and fatigue tests.

Fatigue and Drop test results


Impact testing

Customer Reviews

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Bradley Woodward
Much Improved Outcome.....

I was a very competitive cyclist many years ago before a MVA changed my life forever & caused some major mobility problems. I got back on to the bike but after minimal time my shoulders were in immense pain. Daz for months tried to get me to try out the Eyropro bars but I always made a lame excuse cause I am a pure traditionalist cyclist who doesn't like change..... but by HELL I was wrong & wish I had made the switch when I was 1st told about it....
Nearly 12months after the switch.... I am still not sold on the looks.... but I am never changing back to normal handlebars..... you never know.... I may even try the Flared Eyropro bars on a new ride....

Lee Peacock
No more hand tingles!

After a 20 year hiatus from biking, I got back into it hard last year. Started with 10 miles (Who am I kidding, I started by climbing the hill in front of my house for a week) and progressed to a 60 mile ride. The only problem I've had - aside from strengh and endurance - was my numb hands, wrists and arms. I probably went thru 10 pair of riding gloves, a couple rolls of tape before I came across the Eyropro bars. I am a big guy and I wanted the 440mm width, but they were still in production at the factory. I went ahead and placed the order with a 6 week promise. 6 weeks later, I got them in! I had my bike shop install them so I could have internal cable routing, hydraulic brakes bled and a solid fit. During the install, I ran into two minor issues - the bars take more tape than a normal set (makes sense since there is more area to hold onto) and the mm markers for the brake levers were off from level by a couple MM. (glad the shop laid a level across the brakes when they installed em!). I had no problem fitting my Garmin outfront mount on the new bars which was a minor concern, but I was glad when I didn't have to buy one more thing to make the change...

But the rides have been amazing. NO hand pain. I'm hoping to get a legit 100 MILE century in this year and I can focus on things like food and where to ride instead of how to compensate for my hand and wrist pain.

Could not be happier. Its too basic and brilliant not to become the new normal.